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We are an award winning SEO company that works with fewer clients, and provides the best results possible.

For years, we’ve been helping businesses leverage search engine optimization as a way of generating a new stream of reliable, and consistent revenue. We look at SEO as a part of an overall marketing strategy that you adopt, in order to improve your businesses overall profitability. We have over a decade of experience, helping businesses navigate search engines.


SEO From Day 1

Qumana started out as an SEO Company, that strictly focused on performing search engine optimization services. Since then, our client base and their demand for other services has resulted in our growth into an internationally recognized marketing agency – that offers a full array of marketing and advertising services.

Through SEO, our SEO agency has helped dying and struggling businesses into major powerhouses – who have in turn, increased their business with us several fold. We are a job creation, SEO firm – meaning our work, will result in you becoming more profitable, and needing to hire more staff. We help our clients generate millions of revenue, through proper search engine optimization tactics. We’ve established a proven track record, helping businesses of all sizes increase their visibility, and profitability, by 100’s of percents — alongside high quality service.


Our Philosophy

We are a no-nonsense SEO vendor. We turn down more prospective clients than anyone else in the industry. Why? Because we believe in 100% honest, and frankly – our reputation. We don’t want to take anyones money, or waste their time, if we’re not 100% sure we can deliver meaningful business results. If we don’t think you’ll get an ROI from our efforts – then we’ll tell you that, and explain why. You’ll never walk into a relationship with us blind.

Clients We Service


Qumana does search engine optimization for businesses of all sizes and shapes. The one commonality shared between all of our clients – is their vision, and appreciation, for proper, white hat, SEO services – and how working with a vendor such as ourselves, can result in higher revenue.

The clients we help, trust us completely – because we immerse ourselves into their company. We absorb every aspect of their company, and how it functions, and become your partner. As a result of this philosophy, we don’t work with every single client who contact us. Often, we turn down many clients who reach out to us simply because we don’t think we can make a meaningful impact on their business.

Our SEO Services Include


Analytics & Measurement

Rooted in analytics, we create SEO campaigns that focus on your core KPI’s. Everything we do, is based on metrics, analytics, and improving those metrics in order to generate measurable online success. By using proprietary analytical tools, we’re able to tell you exactly what and why is generating revenue for you.


SEO Strategy & Consulting

Regardless of where you are, in the course of your business, we can provide you with the appropriate SEO strategy needed to get results. Often, many brands reach out to us for our expertise and knowledge, while working with other pre-existing SEO vendors. Most SEO companies lack a solid strategy, and thus fail.


Local Places & Optimization

Brands and businesses with numerous physical locations, can leverage Qumana’s local search engine optimization techniques, in order to get visibility for these locations. Our SEO firm’s work with large, national retailers, has resulted in hundreds of places ranking organically, resulting in thousands of extra visitors each day.


SEO Penalty Prevention & Resolution

Many brands, and small/medium sized businesses have been penalized by Google over the past few years. This is largely due to old, antiquated SEO methodologies, or due to poor quality SEO vendors. Qumana is pleased to have a 100% success rate when helping brands of all sizes recover from Google penalties, whether it be Panda, or Penguin. We only take on brands we’re confident we can help.


Website Architecture

We believe that website architecture is one of the bedrocks of a proper SEO campaign. Qumana has a full scale web development team, that works alongside our SEO division in order to provide and implement SEO recommendations. Our SEO company is  comfortable working with all major, and minor, web development platforms.


Conversion Optimization

The goal of our SEO services is to generate more revenue. We don’t simply stop after we’ve gotten you to page 1, we’re constantly evaluating your data in order to make content, and design, recommendations to help improve your overall conversion rate. That means heat maps, click maps, scroll maps, and more, in order to help you generate more revenue.


Backlink Creation

One of the major components behind any successful SEO, and marketing, campaign is outreach to other websites, and getting their recognition in the form of a backlink. Search engines use backlinks as a way of understanding which websites are popular, and which are not. We help create backlinks on relevant, and high quality websites, that will not only result in more SEO rankings – but reflect highly on your brand and generate more overall traffic.


Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the best ways to generate backlinks, and generate traffic to your website in an organic manner. In the past, our SEO firm has helped brands get placements in places such as,,, and other high quality websites. We create, and distribute your content to relevant and quality websites who share it with their readers.


Targeted Social Media Marketing

We understand how to leverage social media, in order to generate better SEO results. By running targeted advertisements, we’re able to promote your content and get it the visibility it needs to get picked up and syndicated. We can target your exact audience, effortlessly – and affordably.